MMLab Clinical Interpretation and Reporting Interface

The Latest Curation Software for Creating Actionable Reports

MMLab is designed to increase efficiencies in Diagnostic Laboratories workflow by providing the most clinically actionable treatments, recommendations and evidence in a quickly configurable report.  MMLab accommodates varying clinical workflows in that it can be configured to either automate the report generation process or facilitate further user interaction. This web based molecular curation software simplifies and enhances your somatic variant supporting.

  • Clinically actionable reports with case level context, accounting for drug interactions between multiple variants.
  • Quicker turnaround time for clinical reports.
  • Review a broader range of recommendations using variant expansion filters with on-the-fly mutation and condition ontology mapping.
  • Reinterpret cases for an up-to-date view of available treatment options at any given time.
  • Industry standards and guidelines determine evidence based tiering.
  • Improve reporting consistency by preserving your recommendations from previously curated cases.
  • Add custom publications, therapeutics, and clinical trials to your private knowledge repository to be leveraged in future cases.
  • Brand and format reports with a customized report template.

Extending the Life of your Clinical Reports

At MolecularMatch, we want to help optimize pipelines and extend the life and value of your clinical reports. The embedded dynamic link on the summary page of our reports increases it’s value by allowing physicians to conduct further case assessment after the report is delivered and over the patient’s course of care.  

MMLab leverages the latest molecular knowledge to surface deeply defined gene and variant  information, variant specific-targeted clinical trials, evidence based drugs and variant publications; and bundles the data in a case context.  It is difficult and time consuming to keep pace with the variant interactions, as variants associated with both resistance and sensitivity are increasingly identified within the use of targeted therapies. Using the MMLab interface, curators quickly upload hundreds of patients’ NGS results via VCF or CSV for a case context interpretation of the patient case.

MMLab Customer Use Case

A diagnostic laboratory contacted MolecularMatch in search of a clinical report generator for their pathologists.  Their curators utilized the automated variant classification, and selected publications, trials and therapeutics to include recommendations and evidence to generate a report with a   By seeing the cases based on real world scenarios of multi-variant cases, pathologists have been able to identify contraindicated drugs and evaluate new evidence painlessly.



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