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MolecularMatch Specializes in Developing Automated Technology That Enhances the Application of Precision Medicine

MolecularMatch has developed a comprehensive knowledge platform incorporating genomic evidence-based medicine with therapeutics and clinical trials. Our information updates from hundreds of genomics-relevant data sets every week. This includes clinical trials, targeted drug treatments, every major mutation database, scientific abstracts, publications and more, all of which contribute to our knowledge platform. This integration across all aspects of personalized medicine allows our partners to provide complete evidence-based recommendations. Through our continuously enhancing Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, we can examine and create associations among the information faster and more accurately than ever before reducing the need for manual oversight.

Coverage Matters!

Others missed 89% of the variants MolecularMatch captured

When comparing MolecularMatch with public databases in an effort to cover a popular lung cancer treatment, MolecularMatch identified substantially more relevant variants. Combined, the four most commonly used molecular databases identified only 11% of the 144 variant annotations that MolecularMatch recommended for this therapy. MolecularMatch increases your productivity and accuracy by removing your dependency on individual institutions and limiting the time and effort needed to assess extensive amounts of data.

Making the power of genetic data more discoverable, understandable, accessible and useful

MolecularMatch takes the complexity of molecular data in any format and turns it into simple, understandable and meaningful information that physicians, pathologists and patients alike can absorb. We are able to deliver a deep understanding of molecular level information at an economic rate that others cannot match.

Our system interprets a vast amount of terminology, formulating associations that are not easily identifiable among such voluminous information. The technology is designed to produce more accurate output by conducting a universal search across disparate data sets, reducing the inconsistencies typically associated with molecularly targeted results.

Improving the utility of genomics with greater data integrity

Our data are validated through a set of predefined test scenarios that ensure our platform remains consistent, reliable and current. Updates to the data are flagged for review and approval by our scientific and medical experts. MolecularMatch is unique in that we are independent of any one academic institution’s philosophy or clinical pathway, allowing us to deliver the most accurate level of evidence for clinical decision making.

Our natural language processing engine extracts a knowledge graph from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources. Here, a zoomed-in view of the graph shows dense connections (curved lines) between biological concepts and clinical trials.

MolecularMatch is different in the way that we access, analyze and deliver information

API Documentation

Industry professionals utilize our API to gain access to our knowledge base through simple integration.

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