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We offer special programs for Biopharma

Life Sciences companies need relevant, current data on cancer biomarkers, newly discovered variants and the ability to compare those to clinical trials available in different parts of the world. Pharma needs to know what emerging cancer biomarkers need more competition for new therapies, and what areas of the world need more clinical trials. MolecularMatch uses current standards for levels of evidence to prioritize these variants by clinical actionability and prognostic significance. Combining this information with our worldwide database of clinical trials allows you to confidently identify and respond to emerging drug targets, new clinical trial markets and underserved areas without time consuming variant curation.

MolecularMatch provides a powerful resource for molecular pathologists. Identifying treatment options – particularly trials – is a time-consuming task. The MolecularMatch platform allows our team to efficiently match complex genomic test data to appropriate treatment options in much less time.

Christopher Corless, MD, PhD., Chief Medical Officer of the OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories.