Health Information Systems

Health Information Systems

Add Clinical Decision Support to your software solutions

Real-time, curated content to add value to your software solutions

With MolecularMatch, your software developers can use our simple, REST API to deliver expertly-curated content inside your software solutions. By integrating with the MMPower platform, health information systems can provide molecularly-directed therapies, trials, and publications to their patients.

The MolecularMatch difference: Tumor Genomics + Patient Clinical Details

Many factors affect a patient’s eligibility for a trial and likely response to a drug, so MolecularMatch considers more criteria than just tumor biomarkers. Our platform utilizes other clinical information from a patient’s medical records, such as metastasis, comorbidities, other drugs, drug resistance, ECOG and Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) to improve the quality of drug and trial matching. Our studies have shown that surveillance of an EHR with MolecularMatch technology identifies up to 3-fold more patients potentially eligible for a clinical trial.

MolecularMatch provides a powerful resource for molecular pathologists. Identifying treatment options – particularly trials – is a time-consuming task. The MolecularMatch platform allows our team to efficiently match complex genomic test data to appropriate treatment options in much less time.

Christopher Corless, MD, PhD., Chief Medical Officer of the OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories.