MMPower Molecular


Complex Data Made Simple

MMPower applies scientific rules to formulate molecular associations and ontologies from structured and unstructured data to produce actionable recommendations. This process results in more thorough knowledge discovery with minimal manually intensive work and variability. API integration with the knowledge base gives you on-demand access to the most clinically relevant information by allowing you to conduct customized searches that provide you with prevalence data, contraindications, unique condition and variant ontology mapping, and a layer of scientifically reviewed associations.

  • Advanced search capabilities within a self learning knowledge base
  • On-the-fly ontology mapping technology to interpret novel mutations
  • Search among the most up-to-date molecular information in cancer genomics
  • Reduce time consuming curation with on-demand access
  • Recommend treatments with confidence using trusted sources, automated technology and clinical oversight.
  • Conduct more efficient molecular searches saving you time and money
  • Enhance workflow and systems in your current pipeline
  • Seamless integration via RESTful API

Multifaceted Molecular Knowledge Base

With MolecularMatch solutions, our MMPower Knowledge Base can be leveraged in numerous ways to increase efficiencies and generate revenue in the Life Sciences and Health industry. Here are the many ways customers can utilize the MMPower Knowledge Base.

  • Augment your molecular workbench with trials, publications and evidence-based drug searches
  • Clinical trial matching for patients and providers.
  • Clinical Decision Support integration with EMR
  • Business Intelligence that surfaces mutation level data behind each trial
  • Bespoke Data Analysis by ingesting and interpreting structured and unstructured data
  • Solutions for Payers by leveraging standards and guidelines to quickly define clinical significance and actionability in conjunction with supporting evidence
  • Biobank/Tumor Registry Interpretation
  • Immunotherapy Assessment, taking in patient unique immuno-genomic data and matching to the appropriate immunotherapy treatments.

MMPower Customer Use Case

MolecularMatch worked with a health-sciences academic institution to increase awareness for targeted clinical trials. MMPower supplied clinical trial matching and one-click trial enrollment based on our molecularly up-to-date platform and geo-located trial results. Within a few weeks the institution was able to integrate the MolecularMatch API directly into their existing workflow and began distributing reports to physicians embedded with MolecularMatch’s dynamic links. This allowed physicians to access continuous updated information on available recommendations. By maintaining consistency with MolecularMatch API since 2014, patients molecularly sequenced at the institution are likely receiving clinical trials, in addition to approved treatments reported by MolecularMatch.