MolecularMatch for Molecular Labs

Real-time, curated content to power your lab reports

A competitive advantage without re-inventing the wheel

With MolecularMatch, you can keep ahead of your competitors and deliver a unique product to your customers, quickly generating reports with customized information for targeted therapy and immunotherapy guidance, as well as clinical trial recommendations and publication support.

For your software developers, we provide easy access to the MolecularMatch data engine through a simple, REST API (MMPower).

For your science team, we provide a web-based portal (MMPortal) that can be used for interactive searches – or even as a 2nd opinion to validate results from other reporting solutions you may be using in your lab.

We work with molecular labs like Roche Sequencing and OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories, and our Precision Medicine solutions are used by healthcare providers all over the world. Our platform is test-type agnostic and can layer in literature to support the drug and clinical trial recommendations that match each patient case.

MolecularMatch is an affordable alternative for labs who are currently using a third-party reporting tool, or out-sourced service provider, and want to customize their reporting solution to deliver a unique, higher-quality product to their customers

MolecularMatch provides a powerful resource for molecular pathologists. Identifying treatment options – particularly trials – is a time-consuming task. The MolecularMatch platform allows our team to efficiently match complex genomic test data to appropriate treatment options in much less time.

Christopher Corless, MD, PhD., Chief Medical Officer of the OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories.