MMPortal Clinical

Decision Support

On-Demand Molecular Decision Support for Physicians. Nurse Navigators and Patients

The MMPortal is most often utilized by Tumor Boards to quickly and concisely determine the best course of care for a patient given the most up-to-date treatment and clinical trial recommendations. Physicians have the freedom to both review the Pathologist’s recommendations and/or conduct their own quick search to explore additional or alternative options with consideration to patient characteristics. With a greater breadth of data also comes refinement criteria to better target the most valuable options using filters such as patient history, gene, variation, type of drug, trial inclusions/exclusions, etc.

  • Increase physician engagement by linking pathology reports to MMPortal
  • On-Demand access to treatments and clinical trial information
  • More accurate and targeted searches using refinement criteria
  • Customize your Physician Portal with client specific branding
  • Dynamic report link immediately surfaces clinical report recommendations
  • Explore additional evidence to unveil molecular level treatments
  • Physicians have confidence in providing second opinions using the Portal

Increase Physician Engagement with a Dynamic Report Link to the Portal

To expedite communication between curators and physicians, a dynamic link can be generated and attached to your Pathology reports. This link stores and automatically inputs the case criteria including condition, gene/mutation(s), and pertinent patient history into the Physician Portal. This link immediately pulls in the recommendations from the clinical report giving physicians the opportunity to quickly enhance or modify plans for the patients care on the spot. More direct and immediate involvement from physicians with up-to-date information can make all the difference in a patient’s quality of care.

MMPortal Customer Use Case

A commercial lab wanted to provide targeted drugs (ie EGFR inhibitors) and clinical trials to their patients. They chose MolecularMatch for an end-to-end solution including everything from variant interpretation through MMPower, to treatment reporting, to our Dynamic reporting portal. Through the portal, their client physicians logged in to review pathology reports and see treatment and clinical trial recommendations in real-time, leading to a better experience for their customers and improved patient care. Dynamic links on the reports are active indefinitely and enable continuous updates of drug approvals, clinical trials’ status, and evidence in support of recommendations.