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MolecularMatch services the Health and Life Sciences industry by providing clinical informatics and molecular decision support solutions through advanced technology and clinical insights. These solutions are designed to enhance existing workbenches and pipelines at various points within the precision medicine landscape. Founded on the Power knowledgebase, each offering produces simplified, accessible and comprehensive genomic information resulting in greater comprehension and adoption by laboratory staff and physicians. By incorporating MolecularMatch solutions, your Diagnostic Lab will improve efficiencies while experiencing a greater consumption of valuable molecular level information.

Therapeutic Assertions

Today’s clinical oncology practice demands evidence-based standards for physician treatment decisions. Our molecular assertions technology uniquely incorporates regulatory frameworks, professional guidelines, and standardized levels of evidence for each treatment recommendation, resulting in the highest level of data integrity. Tumor boards and individual physicians can use this information to make confident treatment decisions while labs can use it to provide thorough NGS reports and develop customized assay panels.

Geo-Located Clinical Trial Matching

MolecularMatch technology uses natural language processing to extract clinical concepts from both unstructured and structured data and to distinguish between inclusion and exclusion clinical trial eligibility criteria. Our geo-located clinical trial matching service enables physicians, labs, tumor boards and staff to quickly review a list of potential trials that best match a patient profile and meet the patient’s geographical preference worldwide. We provide the most comprehensive clinical trial search engine to give you greater confidence in improving patient outcomes while supporting institutional clinical trial enrollment goals.

Literature and Publications

Physicians and researchers often rely on the publications produced from evidence-based medicine. The same MolecularMatch technology that isolates therapeutics and clinical trials based on tumor profiling, and other clinicals of a patient, are used to isolate publications. Gain access to millions of publications and literature all pertinent to the genomics of cancer and immunotherapy, specific to your patient.

Sources we use: PubMed, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) and European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).