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    MolecularMatch is a clinical informatics company with expertise in precision oncology, immunotherapy and bioinformatics combined with clinical insights to empower your solution.

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  • Medical Knowledge Is Only As Good As It Is Current

    Timely physician access to understandable information can make all the difference when exploring treatment recommendations. Learn how our distributed learning system provides evidence-based treatment options with unprecedented ease and clarity.

  • On Average a Physician Spends Only 11 Minutes With a Patient

    Treatment reports are typically manually created, labor intensive and susceptible to inconsistencies. MolecularMatch’s automated platform is continually evolving and performing complex analytics while supporting high patient volume and massive scale sequencing.

What We Do

Clinical Intelligence on Demand

MolecularMatch is a clinical informatics company that has developed a rapid learning system to facilitate superior clinical decision support, continually evolving alongside the field of precision medicine. Health and Life Science organizations like yours can augment their current offerings by incorporating our automated molecular knowledge platform. By partnering with MolecularMatch, we can build a solution customized to your needs and workflow, rather than being limited by outdated software, large consultancy agreements or a set number of service hours. Your company becomes more efficient and competitive by leveraging technology that scales to provide evidence-based recommendations for thousands of patients at a time rather than on a case-by-case basis.

How We Are Different

MolecularMatch Workflow

The Problem

In the Health and Life Science industry, research and development are becoming more complex and expensive. Organizations are being challenged to become more efficient in a segment crowded with numerous options for clinical research data. Companies often rely on large numbers of scientific staff to manually sift through public databases and siloed repositories. This can lead to inconsistencies and a disparity of clinical recommendations with limited understandable content.

The Solution

MolecularMatch delivers personalized results at a massive scale that is affordable. Unlike other genomic service-oriented companies, MolecularMatch is a technology company first. Our proprietary technology delivers the deepest and broadest oncology genomic information in a biomedical ontology. We house a collaborative, self-learning tool with Natural Language Processing and machine learning capabilities. Our automated technology reduces the manually intensive processes associated with targeted molecular recommendations, allowing you to be more productive and accurate in your clinical decision making.

Why Us

Automation, Depth of Knowledge and Ease of Use


  • Molecular level search engine
  • Public and private proprietary sources
  • Thorough refinement
  • Unique biomedical ontology

Our comprehensive knowledge base encompasses public and proprietary datasets, connecting you with the largest set of actionable information and eliminating gaps in coverage.


  • Less manually invasive
  • Weekly updates
  • Greater efficiency
  • Real time access

Automated technology provides the most clinically actionable data to users quickly, efficiently and consistently—reducing the manually invasive work typically required to analyze this level of data. When new data becomes available, it can be quickly integrated and utilized.


  • Setting and exceeding industry data standards
  • Compliant
  • Clinical and scientific quality assurance
  • High data integrity

Quality is the top priority. Data integrity is ensured through multiple iterations of quality control, evidence-based annotations and clinical oversight.


  • Custom solutions
  • Map evidence by guidelines
  • API Integration
  • Complements workflow

Solutions are configured to your companies philosophy and workflow contributing to greater productivity and efficiency. Our system integrates simply and seamlessly, getting you up and running in no time.

Upcoming Events


American Society of Human Genetics 2017 Annual Meeting

Orlando, FL

Shirley Li, our Chief Scientific Officer, will be attending ASHG for the first time this year to connect with leading scientists and companies from around the world to determine how MolecularMatch can further expand and affect the changing world of cancer genetics. We'd love to see you there. Contact us at to set up a time to meet with MolecularMatch!


AMP - Association for Molecular Pathology

Salt Lake City, UT

MolecularMatch's executive team will be attending this years AMP conference for the 3rd year in a row, including Shirley Li (CSO), James Welsh (CEO), and Brett Villagrand (CCO). We would love to meet with you face to face.  Contact to set up a time to meet with the team!!


San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

San Antonio, TX

Chief Scientific Officer, Shirley Li, will be attending this year's annual Breast Cancer Symposium to gain insight on how MolecularMatch can provide solutions for improving breast cancer patient's prognoses using cancer genomics. Contact us to set up a personal meeting!