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MolecularMatch Is Your Ongoing Knowledge Partner

MolecularMatch is uniquely positioned to integrate with existing systems, allowing us to service a variety of companies throughout the Health and Life Sciences industry. We partner with you to develop the most effective solution, based on your workflow and mission. MolecularMatch offers the technology, intellect and experience to be your trusted partner in advancing the clinical utility of genomics and realizing the promise of precision medicine.

Even though budgets are constrained, advancements in technology enabling better insights and improving patient engagement are expected. Through simple EMR integration, our system allows you to leverage the patient’s medical history and make more informed and immediate decisions about their course of care. Clinicians gain access to retrospective and prospective treatment matching, real time data, automated reporting, 1-click trial enrollment, a physician portal and more, improving patient care and clinical outcomes.

The CRO segment is very competitive and under pressure to deliver on their promises by Pharma. By partnering with MolecularMatch, CROs can become better differentiated—utilizing molecular level capabilities to become more efficient through access to dynamic lab reporting, searches for drug development targets and even localised patient trial recruitment. These capabilities are among the many services we offer your biotech and pharmaceutical customers.

Pharmaceutical companies look to industry experts to enhance efficiency. MolecularMatch is well positioned as a partner due to our ability to provide easy access to molecular-level knowledge and information via automated solutions. Our easily integrated Molecular Knowledge Base saves companies time and money by consolidating and augmenting information from siloed data repositories.

A small number of large players dominate the lab market. MolecularMatch allows smaller labs to compete by providing access to information in real time and reducing reporting turnaround at an economical rate.

Rather than providing just a static report with limited data that can become stale and therefore obsolete, reports become dynamic, enabling ongoing interpretation as treatments and patient characteristics evolve. Our scalable solution provides:

  • Real time reports with the latest therapeutic recommendations
  • Advanced searching
  • 1-click to clinical trial enrollment sites
  • Flag new local trials related to pre defined criteria
  • A longitudinal view of the patient’s history

In addition, we can help labs conceive of and design diagnostic tests and panels optimized for clinical relevance or biological capability. This results in more tailored and cost efficient panels with more actionable recommendations

The number of groups offering Clinical Decision Support is increasing exponentially. To remain competitive, you need the most current and thorough information to interrogate and analyze genomic data sets for treatment and therapy matching. Doing so helps physicians and patients understand complex genomic information and become more engaged.

MolecularMatch was founded on an “API first” mindset, giving you the perfect opportunity to build applications using the most comprehensive molecular platform. By integrating with MolecularMatch, you gain access to our proprietary algorithms—the same information used by many of the leading physicians at M.D. Anderson.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are aggressively competing in niche areas. Business Development and Competitive Intelligence officers want to understand the real world molecular implications of their trials, as well as those of their competitors and to povide a more accurate picture of the precision medicine landscape. Molecularmatch meets this need through easy access to one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases in the industry, through our RESTful API.

Unleash the power of big data in the molecular treatment landscape of your organization.

With the rise in healthcare costs due to the use of Targeted Therapies and immune Oncology drugs, Payers are under pressure to deliver medicine under strict control guidelines. MolecularMatch can help Identify which patients will benefit from what drugs, based on their genomic profile and the latest treatment evidence. We are experts at extracting data from EMR and linking to genomic level analysis. Save money by incorporating precision medicine intelligence.

Patients are more empowered and want to be engaged in their treatment options. Patients interact with their care providers armed with knowledge about treatment options and local clinical trials they want to be considered for. Using MolecularMatch’s search finder, patients can search—at no cost—for treatments specific to their molecular and personal characteristics.

It is critical for Academic institutions and research organizations to have economical access to molecular level information. MolecularMatch fulfills this need and helps ensure your ability to stay at the forefront and continue to innovate. Do you run Clinical Trials? We’ve helped many organizations match patients to their own trials that are indexed within our knowledge base. Do you create diagnostic panels? MolecularMatch can assist you with our intelligent panel design service resulting in more precise, effective and cost effective assays.

MolecularMatch Solutions

Powered by MolecularMatch, Delivered by You

MMPower Knowledgebase

The MMPower Knowledge Base is the foundation of MolecularMatch’s growing suite of applications. Our plug-and-play API connects you with the deepest and broadest molecular level search engine, with quick access to evidence-based recommendations through basic commands, rather than time consuming data mining through various sources.

The Knowledgebase has targeted searching capabilities, prevalence data, contraindications, a unique ontology and a layer of scientifically reviewed associations providing the most clinically relevant information. Information is endless through our ability to map novel mutations to actionable treatments on the fly so that ALL mutations are known.

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One Platform – Multiple Uses

Use Case #1 – Academic Institution

MolecularMatch was able to work with an Academic Institution to increase awareness of targeted clinical trials. MMPower supplied them with clinical trial matching and one click clinical trial enrollment based on our molecularly aware platform and geo-located trial results. Within a few weeks they integrated the MolecularMatch API directly into their existing workflow and started distributing reports to their physicians embedded with MolecularMatch’s dynamic links. This allowed the physicians to access continuously updated information on available recommendations. The Institution has been a consistent MolecularMatch MMPower API user since 2014. Patients molecularly sequenced at their institution are likely receiving clinical trials and approved treatments reported by MolecularMatch.

Use Case #2 – Patient Advocacy Group

A patient advocacy group wanted to provide trial information for the patient community on their website. As a non-profit organization they didn’t have much development capability outside of a website designer. Recognizing early on that they didn’t want to get into the heavy academic effort of mining clinical trials using Natural Language Processing, they chose to plug into MolecularMatch to take on the work for them. MolecularMatch embed a clinical trial search portal on their website with a simple HTML tag. The data is derived from MolecularMatch but the search tool utilizes the company’s branding template providing a cohesive user experience and directing business back to their organization. Their patient community is now benefitting from genetically targeted clinical trials in a format that they can understand!

NGS Panel Design and Optimization

Anyone looking to validate, develop or improve the efficiency of their assay biomarkers will benefit from MolecularMatch’s NGS Panel.

The BED file returned contains genomic regions that are personalized to your needs, based on parameters you define. This can include total size of panel in KB, biological relevance pathways, region seed lists and mutation prevalence data based on TCGA and other studies. By customizing your Intelligent Panel Design, you are more cost efficient, capture more variants and provide more innovative assays.

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A global diagnostic laboratory entering into the oncology market needed to create and validate their disease specific panels. They wanted to recreate the algorithm from a groundbreaking CAPPseq paper for finding genomic regions of interest to use in sequencing panels. It takes in factors including prevalence data, biological pathways, and probe size in conjunction with training and evaluation cohort datasets. MolecularMatch was uniquely capable of incorporating all of these practical elements to produce CAPPseq-like analytics for multiple cancer type panels. Our client now has a clear path toward developing an innovative new sequencing panel. MolecularMatch helped optimize the panel development by saving money on panel size and development costs while ensuring highly sensitive patient mutation capture ability.

Molecular Assertions (standards and evidence)

Create more clinically relevant panels and capture mutations with known treatments using the information from our Molecular Assertions.

Molecular Assertions are unique in that the results incorporate regulatory frameworks, professional guidelines and standardized evidence (i.e. provide proof as to why genes surface in a panel) behind each treatment scenario, resulting in the highest level of data integrity. Those scenarios are customized to your company’s way of evaluating evidence through a tiering structure so the information is more compatible with your current workflow.

Not only are you able to make more informed and customized assay panels with targeted treatments, the results are applicable to treatment naïve and previously treated patients.

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The assay design team at a diagnostics company was tasked with targeting all of the genomic variations that might influence a clinician’s decision to treat a specific type of cancer. However, the desired size of the panel was too small to survey all of the variations. The customer needed to prioritize the variations by regulatory approval.

MolecularMatch was their solution of choice because we regularly monitor the precision medicine landscape for new evidence supporting the use of therapeutics in cancer. The team utilized the knowledgebase containing rules establishing the clinical relevance of thousands of specific variant-condition-drug scenarios; each backed by specific reference(s) to the literature. The information was dynamically tiered to a custom levels of evidence template based on the customer’s preference (AMP/CAP) so that the they could focus on building and validating their design.

Dynamic Reporting Portal

The Dynamic Reporting Portal allows you to review and reassess patient cases over time through links embedded in your reports. This dynamic link leads you to the most current clinically relevant recommendations including On label and Off label FDA approved drugs and 1-click access to clinical trial eligibility and enrollment.

MolecularMatch’s iterative and collaborative approach results in superior patient care and physician productivity. Physicians can conduct more advanced, patient specific searches as their patient’s treatment and genomic landscape changes. In addition, patients become more engaged and informed, with access to understandable molecular information resulting in greater confidence in their treatment options.

Most important, real power comes from the ability to track connections over time. Using the Portal, physicians can identify emerging areas of interest, stalled initiatives, and benchmarks against which to measure clinical trial timelines.

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A commercial lab wanted to provide targeted drugs (ie EGFR inhibitors) and clinical trials to their patients. They chose MolecularMatch for an end-to-end solution including everything from variant interpretation through MMPower, to treatment reporting, to our Dynamic reporting portal. Through the portal, their client physicians can log in to review pathology reports and see treatment and clinical trial recommendations in real-time, leading to a better experience for their customers and improved patient care. Dynamic links on the reports are active indefinitely and enable continuous updates of drug approvals, clinical trials’ status, and evidence in support of recommendations.

Multi-variant Case Assessment

Physicians or pathologists gain a holistic perspective through our Multi-variant Case assessment. This case-level interpretation reduces the time and effort required to stay abreast of new research regarding a patient’s response to targeted therapies. By considering any potential interaction between a set of variants, this case-level approach can alert a pathologist to contraindicated medications and provide a list of clinical trials that are most relevant to the entire case. The justification for these decisions is also delivered as supporting evidence in a customizable tier structure.

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Most somatic test reports look at mutations in isolation. In other words, they don’t take into account the reality of sequencing patients in the real world. Most patients are getting molecular sequencing later in their patient journey after prior treatments have lost efficacy.

Pathologists at commercial labs are tasked with interpreting the actionability of variants that are reported by next-generation sequencing tests. They want to identify the most actionable data while taking into account how various treatments can conflict, affecting the response to therapies or trials for other variants identified within the same patient. This is typically a very difficult manual process that leaves a greater margin of error. It is also time consuming as pathologists try to keep pace with ever changing variant interactions as variants associated with both resistance and sensitivity are increasingly identified with the use of targeted therapies.

The solution MolecularMatch has created for these commercial labs is our Case Level API. This is a simple integration that reduces the time and effort required to stay abreast of new research regarding a patient’s response to targeted therapies. Due to this case-level approach Pathologists are alerted to contraindicated medications and can confidently provide a list of clinical trials that are most relevant to patients.

Curation interface (Patient Case Reporting)

Pathologists are looking for a more efficient way of reporting the actionability of variants within a patient case. It is difficult and time consuming to keep pace with the variant interactions, as variants associated with both resistance and sensitivity are increasingly identified within the use of targeted therapies.

Upload hundreds of patients’ NGS results via VCF or CSV in a minute and delegate to your team of pathologists to assess the case in its entirety. MolecularMatch’s Curation Interface is a collaborative diagnostic interpretation tool, leveraging the latest molecular knowledge, available treatment regimens and similar case histories from leading pathologists, scientists, physicians and academic institutions, to produce more precise treatment recommendations.

Utilizing intelligence your team has previously embedded, and the breadth and depth of the MolecularMatch knowledge base, pathologists can generate a meaningful report within a matter of a few clicks.

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A commercial lab contacted us about an easy to use interface for their pathologists to develop treatment reports. The pathologists were able to quickly validate the variant classifications, recommendations and evidence to generate a report with actionable recommendations. Through continuous use interpretations are captured for opportunities to repurpose previous case recommendations, further expediting the reporting process. By seeing the cases based on real world scenarios of multi-variant cases, pathologists have been able to identify contraindicated drugs and evaluate new evidence painlessly.

Clinical Trial Matching

Clinical Trial Matching pairs clinical trials with large sets of molecularly targeted patients. You have the ability to refine results using MolecularMatch’s set of filters (i.e. inclusion/exclusion, prior history, etc.) to construct a comprehensive yet concise list of targeted clinical trials, enhanced with molecular awareness. The search can be conducted regionally for trials in close proximity or can even provide preference for institutions, in order to keep patients within a specific healthcare network setting.

We take the effort out of your hands by automatically deriving structured data from unstructured text, helping you develop the most precise clinical trial profile.

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A hospital network was struggling to accrue patients for clinical trials fast enough to meet targets. Like most, they had insufficient manpower to pre-qualify patients by manually comparing patients’ electronic medical records (EMR) to the available trials. Patients weren’t getting the benefit of experimental therapies and trial outcomes are unnecessarily delayed. MolecularMatch consumed, structured/semi-structured, and unstructured data from the EMR and clinical trial descriptions. Using natural language processing technology, we delivered sets of patients matching each trial. Each match came with the attributes by which the patient was selected for the trial potentially providing insights into why a trial is or is not accruing patients.

Clinical Decision Support integration with EMR

Through access to EMR records, MolecularMatch can ingest a patient’s medical history and provide real time informed decision support, including clinical trials and treatment recommendations. We use patients’ EMR data, such as labs value and prior treatments, to assess treatment resistance in order to match inclusion/exclusion criteria for clinical trials. To substantiate each recommendation, we provide publications and rationale. Patient factors that may influence response to immunotherapy can also be used. Molecularmatch are experts at extracting data from EMRs and linking to genomic level analysis.

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MolecularMatch has had great success integrating with electronic medical records in a variety of ways. Currently, we have several institutions that incorporate hard-coded links in their pathology reports that reside in the medical record system. Treating physicians use this to “link out” to our advanced therapy matching interface utilizing the basis of the pathology report and patient EMR data as the basis of the search, allowing for quicker reassessment. This allows the physicians to quickly and easily reassess the patients case as the patient receives new treatments and new options become available.

Tumor Board Support

With access to expansive clinical trial searches, Tumor Boards become more interactive by searching for different scenarios, exploring additional evidence and unveiling molecular level treatments. Physicians are also able to re-evaluate treatments using real time information, with respect to any changes in the patient’s genomic profile. This enables physicians to provide second opinions with confidence as they access alternative treatment options.

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A large pharmaceutical company built an advanced system for physicians to discuss complex cases. Attempts at integrating clinical trial recommendations, one of the most essential elements of a tumor board, was proving difficult and time consuming. By integrating with our restful API the company gained access to up to date, molecularly targeted clinical trials. The Tumor board is now able to collaborate and assess patient cases with respect to new patient therapies and changes in the patient’s genomic landscape. With simple and immediate access to the most current clinical trials, the tumor board saves time and provides more actionable results for patients.

Immunotherapy Assessment

MolecularMatch’s Immunotherapy Assessment provides an integrated report, with information on both genomic therapeutics and immunotherapy. This technology ingests patients’ unique immuno and genomic data and matches them to FDA approved drug therapies, recommended off-label drug therapies and clinical trials. Trial options are displayed for both PD1 resistance and immunotherapy trials for PDL1 negative patients.

We are actively working with diagnostic companies to develop predictive biomarkers and recommendations for immunotherapy combinations.

Contact us if you are interested in being a partner!

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MolecularMatch is currently a commercial partner in developing a decision support tool with integrated reporting capabilities as part of an institutional consortium project. This project combines next generation sequencing results and other assessments to build an integrated tool offering next generation sequencing along side immunotherapy recommendations. Contact us to find out more on how to participate!

Business intelligence

MolecularMatch provides the layer of molecular level information that helps companies deliver on the promise of precision medicine. Regular text level searches offered by some software companies of clinical trial data do not capture which molecular profiles are relevant, or what other trials are competing at a precision medicine level. Companies want to see mutation level data behind trials which are readily found within our MM knowledgebase.

For example, two EGFR NSCLC trials might appear to be related on the surface based on inclusion/exclusion criteria, when in fact, the molecular profile relevant in the context of the overall recruitment criteria and how patients can be recruited to each trial are two very different things.

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Knowledge economy industries need access to data in order to make educated decisions. In the same way that BioPharma and health care institutions are adapting to the era of precision medicine, companies providing business intelligence are also catching up. Through the MMPower knowledge base, MolecularMatch is able to apply principles of precision medicine to business intelligence.

For example, a CRO used MolecularMatch’s Business Intelligence to assess the trial landscape on a molecular level to obtain competitive intelligence as well as optimize trial locations rather than using the existing data products from companies that have not caught up.

Bespoke data analysis

MolecularMatch’s ability to consume vast amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data lends itself to scientific analysis. We can deliver a custom analysis of your data based on your company needs and philosophy allowing you the opportunity to focus on research and development.

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Payer Solutions

Oncology drugs have become increasingly more costly and it is more important than ever to ensure that the right drug is given to the appropriate patient.

MolecularMatch provides decision support and evidence analysis via a standard API to support the authorization process in real time. Our clinical intelligence algorithm is on-demand. This option allows you to create custom assertions that conform to various requirements, plans and regulatory areas.

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Biobank/Tumor Registry Interpretation

Utilize our automated high throughput interpreter to scan hundreds of clinical data points and leverage the most up-to-date scientific advancements to continually assess novel therapeutics and treatment options. Save time and increase productivity through our reporting and analytic services.

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Clinical Trials Data Sharing

MolecularMatch is passionate about sharing molecular level clinical trial data for physicians and patients to understand the evidence behind therapeutic options. We are currently seeking partners in this area to further develop this solution.

Patient and Physician Clinical Trial Search

Patients and Physicians can utilize this complimentary version of our clinical trial and treatment search capabilities. Patients, Want to have more informed and engaging conversations about your treatment options? Physicians, need to read up on a drug or identify molecular specific clinical trials within a geographic area? Enter up to 3 variants and/or condition from your NGS test in the omni-search below and be directed to our search application.

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