MolecularMatch adds advanced search features and machine learning, further solidifying MMPower as oncology’s leading molecular search engine

MolecularMatch Announces New Search Engine v5

Houston – October 1, 2020 – MolecularMatch, a leading clinical informatics company providing Precision Medicine software solutions for oncology, announced the release of MMPower version 5 (v5), the latest update to its Clinical Decision Support platform. This new release includes improved and expanded search results as well as the introduction of language support beyond English, starting with Spanish translated medical terms.

Key new features for MolecularMatch’s expanded and improved search results include:

  • Auto-correction of misspellings (many clinical terms can now be misspelled and still understood by the MolecularMatch search engine)
  • Ontological expansion of search terms (searches will be performed with deeper analysis into the meaning of the search terms)
  • Recognition of terms that are not already part of the MolecularMatch vocabulary (AI-based comprehension of unstructured text to classify new concepts, such as novel mutations)
  • Additional advanced search features (including literal text search, negative term search, and a “must include” search filter)

MMPower v5 represents a significant advancement in the company’s core search engine platform, introducing AI which augments the pre-existing vocabulary of the MolecularMatch Knowledge Graph (which currently includes over 65 million terms) with a neural network trained to detect never-before-seen concepts and classify them into the appropriate data type (i.e., Condition, Clinical Finding, Gene, Mutation, Drug, etc.).

“Version 5 is a major milestone in the development of our core platform,” said Eric Pulaski, CEO at MolecularMatch. “Our new advanced search features, and incorporation of machine learning, further solidifies MolecularMatch as the leading molecular search engine for oncology, matching each individual patient to the best-fit for clinical trials and therapeutic guidance based on both the genomic and clinical details of each specific case.

About MolecularMatch
MolecularMatch, Inc. is a Houston, Texas based clinical informatics SaaS company established in 2014. The company was founded on the vision of using tumor molecular profiling to provide the best personalized treatment options for cancer patients. MolecularMatch delivers personalized, evidence-based therapeutic guidance and clinical trials matched to each patient’s genomic and clinical details. Customers include genetic labs, health information systems, biopharma, hospitals and cancer centers. Visit us at or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Laura Roberts