MolecularMatch Introduces MMPower Knowledge Base – Providing One of the Industry’s Most Dynamic Molecular Search Engines

Houston, TX – TMC Innovation – Texas Medical Center (April 24, 2017) –

April 24, 2017 03:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time

April 24, 2017 03:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MolecularMatch has announced their new knowledge platform, MMPower. The Platform covers over 400 million alterations with the ability to process whole exomes in seconds. The complexity of genetic molecular data, in any format, is converted quickly by MMPower into understandable and meaningful information.

“We started with some of the best oncology minds in the world from a variety of institutions to create an automated way for applying clinical intelligence at the point of care. MolecularMatch’s automated technology reads and acquires thousands of genomic data sets weekly allowing our partners to efficiently provide evidence-based recommendations. Through Natural Language Processing we can examine and create associations among the information faster than any human can while applying the learned technology through our proprietary algorithms,” says MolecularMatch CEO, Mr. Kevin Coker. The MMPower platform can be utilized via a RESTful API or through access to a variety of solutions that augment different sectors of the precision medicine landscape. Organizations can customize MolecularMatch solutions to validate their molecular data assumptions or develop their own applications. MMPower is the foundation of MolecularMatch’s growing suite of solutions including:

  • Customized Somatic Assay Panel Design
  • Virtual Tumor Board Support
  • Molecular Profile Analytics
  • An Interactive Physician Engagement Portal containing dynamic reports
  • Molecular Diagnostic Reporting and Variant Exploration for Pathology Labs
  • Evidence-based Decision Support and Integration with enterprise technology such as LIMs and EMRs.

The company’s mission is to improve the adoption and utility of genomics for improving patient care. MolecularMatch also offers a complimentary clinical trial search capability allowing physicians and patients to search local clinical trials in their locality. Based in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, MolecularMatch is a clinical informatics company founded by Dr. James Welsh in 2014 with licensed technology out of MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is a technology first company that extracts insights from complex molecular information for organizations seeking to advance the clinical utility of genomics. Customers that benefit from our technology include biopharmaceutical, life sciences, and commercial diagnostic laboratories. Visit us at today.