2nd.MD Selects MolecularMatch to Help Guide Therapeutic and Clinical Trial Options for Cancer Patients

HOUSTON, TX, March 24, 2020 –MolecularMatch, a leading clinical informatics company providing Precision Medicine software solutions for oncology, announced today that it has executed an agreement to provide software licensing and support to Innovation Specialists LLC, 2nd.MD, a leading provider of virtual medical second opinions, appropriately managing risks for patients, employers, and payers. 2nd.MD oncology case managers will utilize the MolecularMatch platform to find the most appropriate drugs and clinical trials for patients based on genomics and patient-specific clinical details. The recommendations are then shared with 2nd.MD oncology specialists and the patients’ physicians.

“We have come to a point in cancer care, with genomics and precision medicine, where timely and accurate information can save lives,” said Jason Melton, the CEO at 2nd.MD. MolecularMatch CEO Eric Pulaski adds, “Our collaboration with 2nd.MD not only has the ability to save lives, but to save payers, employers and families money and time.” The two Houston-based companies have begun system integration and employee training for the growing clinical staff at 2nd.MD.

About 2nd.MD

2nd.MD offers medical certainty by connecting you with board-certified, leading specialists from across the country for an expert second opinion via video or phone within 3 to 5 days from the comfort of your own home. From the minute you reach out, 2nd.MD’s Care Team of nurses will put you at the center of your medical care by coordinating all the details. This includes, understanding your health goals, gathering all your medical records and connecting you with a doctor who specializes in your specific medical condition, so that you can focus on what matters most — getting the best care possible. No travel. No hassle. No cost. If you haven’t used 2nd.MD before, it can be life changing. In fact, 98% of people who use 2nd.MD recommend it to their friends and family.

About MolecularMatch

MolecularMatch, Inc. is a Houston, Texas- based clinical informatics SaaS company established in 2014. The company was founded on the vision of using tumor molecular profiling and outcomes from previously treated patients to provide the best personalized treatment for current patients. MolecularMatch delivers personalized, evidence-based therapeutic guidance and clinical trials matched to each patient. Customers include molecular labs, health information systems, biopharma, second opinion and payer companies, as well as cancer centers on a global basis. Visit us at molecularmatch.com.