MolecularMatch Releases Support for Coronavirus

New v4.1 Adds Search Results for COVID-19 Clinical Trials and Publications

HOUSTON, TX, April 6, 2020 – MolecularMatch, a leading clinical informatics company providing Precision Medicine software solutions, has updated the MolecularMatch search engine with new features and content to support customers’ response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Updates include access to hundreds of clinical trials and thousands of publications that are applicable to coronavirus and COVID-19.

With the built-in search features of the MolecularMatch search engine, users can locate the most appropriate clinical trials and publications for individual patients, including filtering clinical trials for inclusion and exclusion criteria based on patient-specific clinical details and narrowing search results to trial sites by a patent’s geographic location. Institutions can also upload private trials to the MolecularMatch database that are not yet indexed in the public registries.

“Our team has been working overtime to add support for coronavirus and COVID-19 clinical trials and publications,” said Eric Pulaski, CEO of MolecularMatch. “Although the focus of our curated content has been on oncology, the versatility of our core platform enabled us to quickly add support for new content in this area of infectious disease. We’re stepping up to the plate to do our part to support researchers, labs, healthcare providers, and others in the global fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic.”

Version 4.1 of the company’s web-based portal (MMPortal) and REST API (MMPower) are available immediately, and all current customers have access to the new content at no additional charge. The MolecularMatch Knowledge Graph and content across the MolecularMatch knowledgebase have been enhanced with the following:

  • Added support for antiviral drugs and drug classes
  • Added virology, emergency medicine and infectious disease related journals and publications (over 2,300 publication entries)
  • Added global registry clinical trials related to coronavirus/COVID-19 (over 360 trials)
  • MolecularMatch’s clinical comprehension and ranking applied to this new data

The MolecularMatch COVID-19 database is updated every 2-3 days. The company is also exploring other ways to help battle this pandemic with new offerings to reach a wider base of users who can benefit from the MolecularMatch search engine.

About MolecularMatch

MolecularMatch, Inc. is a Houston, Texas based clinical informatics SaaS company established in 2014. The company was founded on the vision of using tumor molecular profiling and outcomes from previously-treated patients to provide the best personalized treatment for current patients. MolecularMatch delivers personalized, evidence-based therapeutic guidance and clinical trials matched to each patient. Customers include molecular labs, health information systems, biopharma, second opinion and payer companies, as well as cancer centers across the globe. Visit us at or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.