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From The Broad to the Clinic | Front Line Genomics

From The Broad to the Clinic | Front Line Genomics

Getting all that data to the clinic

Carl Smith

Actionable information for patients and their physicians

Eleanor Rogers

James Walsh, MD Anderson Cancer Center, was up next. He started his career at Genentech, and now works at MD Anderson Cancer Center on lung cancer. Along with some amusing slides on God’s disapproval of the annoying hackers discovering the genome, he covered the great begin done around the EGFR gene mutation. There is still resistance, both against the treatment due to mutations, as well as in the clinic because of the high number of molecular profile subsets of the variant.

Jack Whelan, a research and patient advocate, took the stand and brought the audience back down to Earth as he described what it was like living a rare diagnosis. “It’s like the feeling you get on a roller coaster”, he said. He gave great positive vibes as he described the importance he placed on laughter as the best medicine, and how involving patients in clinical trials is just as importance as the research. ‘Patient-centric’ can be just a buzz word for some bio-pharma, the importance should be placed on compassion.

Finally, Corrie Painter, Associate Director of Operations and Scientific Outreach at the Broad Institute, explored the importance of support from fellow patients, such as finding a Facebook support group on Angiosarcoma, a rare blood vessel tumour with effects only 21 people in the world every year. The knowledge that people had in that group went far beyond anything else Corrie could find and highlighted the importance of the engaged patient. If they could crowd source photos of themselves for the Facebook group, why couldn’t they crowd source their tumours?

There were also some great questions raised, such as the need to improve IT as part of healthcare strategy, with Jack Whelan making the point that his car dealership had better patient, or customer, data than hospitals! All round a great sharing of ideas and for someone coming to patient data fairly new, it was eye-opening to see just how involved some patients are prepared to get.

And finally…

Today also saw the inaugural Drug Development Leaders Meeting at the Festival. Senior representatives from Regeneron, Takeda, Merck, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Teva, and Roche, met to discuss a range of topics: patient access and clinical trials, using real world data, companion diagnostics, collaborations, and the Precision Medicine Initiative.

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